How can I test a progressive web application?

Can anyone please tell me how can I test a progressive web application.

Unit testing will not give adequate coverage since the user interface of a PWA is heavily reliant on JavaScript components. To put a PWA through its paces, we must simulate real-world scenarios and develop ways to automate them.

Testing your progressive web application entails ensuring that it displays correctly across all major browsers and devices. There are several changes in how browsers produce web pages, which means you’ll have to do a lot more effort to get your site to perform the same way on Chrome as it does on Safari.

LambdaTest provides over 2000 variations of browsers, browser versions, and operating systems to successfully test your PWAs. LambdaTest is one of the top global cross-browser testing solutions, offering visual bug detection for every build as well as real-time user monitoring to help you track and learn why your website or app crashed.

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When it comes to progressive web applications, testers have to ensure that the application developed should behave like a native app while offering the performance of a web application. However, the process of testing a progressive web application is quite similar to the testing of mobile applications.

Listing it into the steps, some of the most important moves of testing a PWA could be listed as:

(A) Validate Manifest File

  1. Short name key must be validated

  2. Presentation

  • Start URL
  • Display
  • Theme Color & Background Color
  • Orientation
  1. Icons

(B) Validate Service Workers

  • Push Notification
  • Responsiveness
  • Secure connections
  • Slow network/Offline performance
  • Functionality Testing

For more detail, you can refer to the following link