How can I reduce my website's bounse rate on iPhone devices?

Lately i have been concerned about something, I have checked in Google Analytics, my website has relatively higher bounce rate on iPhones as compared to other devices and platforms, can anyone please suggest me what can be the possible reason of my website’s high bounce rate on iPhones.

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If your website’s mobile view looks as it should be, the responsive web design would certainly enable the user to maintain and reduce the bounce rate of that page. It is therefore often useful to start responsive testing locally in this regard.

To lower your website bounce rate on iPhone devices, you must test your website responsiveness locally. To do that, you can leverage LT Browser that will help you test your website responsiveness locally across 45+ pre-installed devices like iOS, Android, Desktops, and Laptops.

You don’t have to go through the configuration of any additional tool or application to test the responsive design locally with LT Browser. It maintains a straightforward flow with easy steps.

For more information around testing responsive testing locally, refer to our LT Browser documentation.