How can I learn and use microservices?

Can anyone please tell me how can I learn and use microservices.

Microservices is a collection of focused and small services which, on execution develops a complete application. A single responsibility of the application which you are developing is represented by an instance of a microservice. Microservices are not suggested to a small scale firm who isn’t planning on expanding their business anytime soon. Reason being, microservices demand a heavy investment in cloud infrastructure so that multiple teams could coordinate well. You can perform following testing on a microservice architecture:-

  • Scalability Testing
  • Functionality Testing
  • End to End Testing
  • User Interface Testing Also read, How to test a Microservice Application. To use Microservice you need to perform the following:
  • Declare Specific End Points for API.
  • Every microservice is responsible for its own data model. Ideally, each database model should be 100% decoupled from another.
  • Autonomous selection of technically sound staff for every microservice.
  • Not all microservices are bound to provide some form of UI. Some are there to support the integrated interaction such as middleware team.
  • Make it a necessity to correlate calls with the help of various methods like IDs, tokens or headers. Also, when logging to locate a bug we need to make sure about correlating events across all platforms to avoid ambiguity in this stateless, independently distributed architecture.
  • Fault tolerance should be optimized and consistent monitoring must be performed.
  • If you are planning on developing a feature to aid your respective microservice. Make sure that your enhancement must support the entire pre-existing functionality of the application. You will have to face plenty challenges while testing a Microservice architecture if the above mentioned tips are not followed.
  1. Re-architecturing a software product will be very challenging if you are already following SOA (Service Oriented Architecture).
  2. Performance tracing of business transaction could be a humongous task for a company that is transitioning from SOA to Microservices.
  3. Complexity of a software is directly proportional to the number of microservices that the product is either delivering or adding.

Hassle of maintaining multiple libraries and database versions. You cannot afford to launch unnecessary number of resources in a microservice team that is responsible for a relatively small functionality. Thus, it becomes vital to prioritize these services in terms of resource allocation.