How can I become an online tester for any website?

Can anyone please guide me on how can I become an online tester for any website.

Becoming a tester would require many soft skills. Innovative thinking, excellent communication and the ability to coordinate in a DevOps environment. People consider writing codes and debugging is a developer’s job. But as a tester, it is necessary to have a knowledge about all the languages too. As a tester, automation testing is one of the biggest tools in your tool shed, and it is all about coding. This is just an example there are many other cases which require knowledge of coding like for example white-box testing, API testing, even performance and load testing.

Here are a few languages that software tester should know before they deep dive as an online tester for any website.


Popular Frameworks for Javascript:

? Cucumber JS ? Nightwatch ? Protractor


Popular Framework for Java:

? Gauge ? TestNG ? Junit


Popular Frameworks for Python:

? PyUnit ? Lettuce ? Behave


Popular Frameworks for C#:

? Visual Studio unit testing framework ? SpecFlow ? Nunit


Popular Frameworks for PHP:

? Codeception ? Behat ? SimpleTest


Popular Frameworks for Ruby:

? Capybara ? RSpec ? Minitest

Other than these languages, it is vital that you stick to different contemporary testing strategies.

  • Accessibility Testing – To make sure your software is accessible to all, including people with special disabilities.

  • Usability Testing – Testing of a website for its usability concerning user satisfaction.

  • Exploratory Testing – Testing approach that includes simultaneous learning, test designing and test execution.

  • Regression Testing – Testing the whole application after any new change has been made. The idea here is to check that the new change is not disrupting any of the pre-existing functionality.

  • With digital discovery being more mobile-centric it is crucial that you be ready for mobile web pages with regression testing.

  • Cross Browser Testing – Testing to ensure that your web app is operable through different browsers, across various devices with different screen sizes.

    Make a note of the following for bringing out the human potential in software testing to its full extent.

  • Be empathetic towards the end user, organize your testing around it.

  • Simply checking if the application is working a functionality isn’t enough.

  • Don’t just count on Test cases.

  • Think exceptional and let archaic thinking be in archives.

  • Perform contemporary ways of testing thoroughly.