Getting Remote WebDriver server timed out after 60 seconds error in C#

I am getting HTTP Timeout error when I am running automation tests on an iOS iPad (6th generation). This works without problems on Android devices, for example(Pixel 2). I am using C#. Error: OpenQA.Selenium.WebDriverException: "The HTTP request to the remote WebDriver server for URL []. Could you please help me?


It seems that your tests are timing out since the default timeout for C# is 60 seconds.

You can increase the timeout and it will resolved the issue. You can use following piece of code:

driver = new RemoteWebDriver(new Uri(seleniumUri), capabilities, TimeSpan.FromSeconds(600));

Or, depending on your code, you can also use this instead:

var driver = new OpenQA.Selenium.Appium.iOS.IOSDriver<AppiumWebElement>(new Uri(LambdaTestUrl), iosCapability,TimeSpan.FromMinutes(10));

Hope that helps! Good day!

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