Full Page Screenshot Capture in Selenium for Websites with Scrolling

how to capture the screenshot full page for all different websites which have a scrolling functionality on their application user interface for your Selenium functional testing.

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Hey Ana,

To seamlessly capture full-page screenshots in your Selenium functional testing, integrate the following Webhook into your test cases at the specific points where screenshot capture is required for your application:

driver.executeScript("smartui.takeFullPageScreenshot=<Your Screenshot Name>")

This JavaScript snippet, executed by the Selenium WebDriver, triggers the ā€˜takeFullPageScreenshotā€™ function provided by the ā€˜smartuiā€™ library, facilitating the capture of comprehensive screenshots even on websites with scrolling interfaces. Customize <Your Screenshot Name> to appropriately label and organize your captured screenshots for efficient analysis and debugging.

If you have any other queries feel free to reach out again.