Frustrated with Intermittent bugs?

Here are some tips to handle it.

  • Collect as much data about the bug report as possible

    • Time of Occurrence
    • Enviroment - Which Device, Which OS, Which App /Browser Version
    • The ratio of reproducing the bug? how many times have you been able to reproduce
    • Screenshot of Error
    • What are the steps executed before the bug?

Most customers don’t always provide this information, but if able to get it, it can be very helpful.

  • Timeboxing the Investigation:

    • Timebox the investigation to keep track of time spent and make sure that no stone goes unturned.
    • Write detailed notes about what tried and how it turns out.
  • Pair with someone

    • If paired with someone, two can give each other ideas of things haven’t tried yet and ask each other what else two could be missing.

Thanks, @NicolaLindgren for curating these ideas

Do you have any other great ideas on how to handle intermittent bugs? How do you deal with them when you come across them?

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