FREE Cypress 101 Certification | LambdaTest Automation Certifications | End-to-End Testing

Give wings to your automation career with LambdaTest’s advanced Cypress certification: ‘Cypress 101 Certification’.

Elevate your automation game with LambdaTest’s FREE Cypress 101 Certification online. Showcase your knowledge, skills, and expertise of end-to-end testing with Cypress automation with FREE Cypress Certificate.

Certification Details:

➟The Assessment has 2 rounds.

➟Round 1: 40 MCQs in 45 minutes.

➟Round 2: Assignment Task (deadline-based).

➟50% weightage for each round.

➟70% of the cumulative score is required to be certified.

Cypress Certification Requirements-

  • Experience in running automation tests using Cypress.

  • Experience with cross browser testing using Cypress on cloud grid.

  • Know how of leveraging features like screenshots, videos, headless testing,

  • environment variables, etc. in Cypress.