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Give wings to your automation career with LambdaTest’s advanced Cypress certification: ‘Cypress 101 Certification’.

Elevate your automation game with LambdaTest’s FREE Cypress 101 Certification online. Showcase your knowledge, skills, and expertise of end-to-end testing with Cypress automation with FREE Cypress Certificate.

Certification Details:

➟The Assessment has 2 rounds.

➟Round 1: 40 MCQs in 45 minutes.

➟Round 2: Assignment Task (deadline-based).

➟50% weightage for each round.

➟70% of the cumulative score is required to be certified.

Cypress Certification Requirements-

  • Experience in running automation tests using Cypress.

  • Experience with cross browser testing using Cypress on cloud grid.

  • Know how of leveraging features like screenshots, videos, headless testing,

  • environment variables, etc. in Cypress.

  1. Can we get sample MCQs (I have no idea what that stands for)
  2. If someone does not pass, can they try again?

Hey Bruce,

MCQs stands for Multiple Choice Questions (with either one or multiple correct answers). Unfortunately, we don’t have sample MCQs at the moment. However, you can always go through the Learning Material section for resources to help you prepare before the exam.

In case one fails to qualify, the certification can be reattempted after 45 days from the day of registration.

Hope it helps!