Error while running tests from Ranorex

When trying to run tests on lambdatest, the test fails with the following error :

[2021/03/25 10:51:44.497][Error ][Module]: The HTTP request to the remote WebDriver server for URL timed out after 10 seconds.
The operation has timed out

[2021/03/25 10:51:44.507][Failure][Test]: Test Module ‘OpenBrowser’ completed with status ‘Failed’.

What should I do to avoid this ? I am not able to run any tests over lambdatest because of this.

Hi Tom,

The tests were timing out because the default timeout specified in the Ranorex webdriver configuration is 10 sec.

You can increase that by following these steps :

  1. On the Ranorex Dashboard, click on the settings icon :

  2. Go-to Plugins - > WebDriver → WebDriver Command Timeout.

  3. Change the timeout to any higher value i.e 60s or more.

After doing these changes, you should not experience this error anymore.

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