Effortless Codeless Testing With LambdaTest & Tricentis Tosca

LambdaTest now integrates with Tricentis Tosca to help you perform automated cross browser testing of websites and web apps using Tricentis Tosca on a cloud-based Selenium Grid. You can run Tricentis Tosca test cases across 3000+ real browsers and operating systems combinations by leveraging this integration.

To begin with, register on LambdaTest, configure LambdaTest authentication credentials using environment variables, and download Tosca from the official Tosca website.

Integrating Tricentis Tosca with LambdaTest will cut short your overall manual testing efforts. In addition, you can also harness the immense capabilities offered by the LambdaTest automation platform while running the Tosca test cases. These include test logs, issue tracker, automation logs, network logs, performance reports, test analytics, share test analytics, and much more.