Does LambdaTest Cypress supports TypeScript as well?

Does LambdaTest Cypress supports TypeScript as well?

Hello Toby-steed,

Yes, LambdaTest Cypress supports Typescript as well.

I just tried this for the first time now but I got an error like this

Oops...we found an error preparing this test file:
  > cypress\support\e2e.ts
The error was:
Error: You are attempting to run a TypeScript file, but do not have TypeScript installed. Ensure you have 'typescript' installed to enable TypeScript support.

Hi There,

Looking at the error it seems that typescript dependency are missing for your project to run on lambdatest, there can multiple points for this issue:

  1. Please check initially if its running locally on cypress for you.
  2. If 1st point is working fine for you then you can follow below two approaches :

a) Please check in your package.json file if there is any dependency related to typescript then compare it with lambdatest-config.json file and check under npm_dependencies object if all those typescript dependency are present there too, if not then please add them.

b) Other way is that you can simply remove npm_dependency object from the lambdatest_config.json file itself and then give it a try.

Please follow-above approaches and in case you still face issue then please let us know.