Daniel Angelov | LambdaTest Certified πŸŽ“

Congrats! :clap: Daniel Angelov for becoming a LambdaTest certified professional.

:man_student: Certification Passed: Selenium 101 | Selenium Advanced

  • Selenium 101 Certificate ID: S101-98AZUQ

  • Selenium Advanced ID: SEA-7BTCU0

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Hello. If this certificate is indeed mine, can you please update the LinkedIn url so that it points to my profile: https://www.linkedin.com/in/angelovdaniel Thank you!

We are extremely sorry for the mismatch in the LinkedIn URLs. We have updated the profile link.

Thank you for taking the certification :slight_smile:

Thank you! Just a question - is this certificate also going to be emailed to me?

Hi Daniel,

Yes, and we hope you have received it :slightly_smiling_face: