Cypress: Waiting for Element

How to wait for an element using Cypress?

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Hey there so waiting for elements in Cypress, a crucial aspect for stable tests. Here’s how you can ensure that an element becomes visible within a specific timeframe:

// Give this element 10 seconds to appear
cy.get('[data-test=submitIsVisible]', { timeout: 10000 }).should('be.visible');

And remember, Cypress itself provides detailed guidance on this topic in their official documentation: How can I make Cypress wait until something is visible in the DOM.

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Now, when you’re crafting your tests, it’s not just about following guides, sometimes you need to add your own touch for specific scenarios. So, here’s a little something you can do to customize your waiting strategy:

// Wait for the element with a custom timeout and condition
Feel free to tweak this according to your needs and the behavior you're testing!