Cypress: Execute All Tests Command

What’s the command to execute all Cypress tests in one go?

Hey there! So, if you’re diving into Cypress testing, using the Cypress CLI is the way to go. It’s like the trusty navigator for your tests, effortlessly finding and executing all test files within your project with just one command:

npx cypress run

Absolutely! If you’re more into keeping things neat and tidy in your project, npm scripts are your friend. Just add "test": "cypress run" to your package.json under "scripts" , and then you can easily fire off all your tests with a quick npm run test whenever you need.

Adding a bit of flair to your test execution, huh? Using the Cypress module API opens up a world of possibilities. You can craft a custom Node.js script to orchestrate your tests just the way you want. It’s a tad more involved, but the flexibility it offers can be worth the effort. Just create your script, like run-tests.js, and fire it up with node run-tests.js whenever you’re ready to roll.