Cypress-audit on lambdatest in cypress version 10+

I am attempting to use the cypress-audit plugin on lambdatest after reading about it here: Web Performance Testing With Cypress and Google Lighthouse

It works locally but when run on lambdatest I get the message that Custom Chrome is not supported - Example test ID is VHU3Y-HOEN5-GH8TX-GBSQC

  • Any idea what the issue is here?
  • All of the examples I can find on doing this are pre version 10 of cypress. Has anyone got this working in v10+?
  • Are Lambdatest able to provide some more recent examples of this working?

Hey LambdaTest, did we ever find a solution for this? I am running into the same issue here at test id TVEG4-UXJJ4-HPWXF-AOZTC