CI/CD(Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery) Tools

Check below the best CI/CD tools you must know:

  • Jenkins ( License: Free. Jenkins is an open-source tool with an active community.)
  • CircleCI ( License: Linux plans start with the option to run one job without parallelism at no charge. Open-source projects get three additional free containers. During signup, you will see the pricing to decide which plan(s) you need.)
  • TeamCity (License: TeamCity is a commercial tool with both free and proprietary licenses.)
  • Bamboo ( License: Bamboo pricing tiers are based on agents or “build slaves” rather than users. The more agents, the more processes it can run concurrently – either in the same build or different builds.)
  • GitLab ( License: GitLab is a commercial tool and free package. It offers hosting SaaS on GitLab or on your instance on-premises and/or on the public cloud.)
  • Buddy ( License: Buddy is a free commercial tool.)
  • Travis CI ( License: Travis CI is a hosted CI/CD service. Private projects can be tested on on a fee basis. Open-source projects may be applied at no charge on
  • Codeship ( License: Use up to 100 builds/month for free, and unlimited builds start at $49/month. You can pay for more concurrent builds or more parallel pipelines, with larger instance sizes.)
  • GoCD (License: Free and open-source)
  • Wercker ( License: Oracle has not provided pricing information for Wercker after its acquisition.)