Can you help me with the error I'm getting while running WebDriver IO test?

Getting the following error:

@wdio/runner: Error: Invalid or unsupported WebDriver capabilities found (“build”, “name”, “isRealMobile”, “deviceName”, “platformVersion”, “app”). Ensure to only use valid W3C WebDriver capabilities (see WebDriver).If you run your tests on a remote vendor, like Sauce Labs or BrowserStack, make sure that you put them into vendor specific capabilities, e.g. “sauce:options” or “bstack:options”. Please reach out to to your vendor support team if you have further questions.

Hey Tim,

This might help:

 capabilities: [
      "LT:Options": {
      build: "NodeJS WebDriverIO Android",
      name: "Sample Test - WebDriverIO",
      isRealMobile: true,
      platformName: "Android",
      deviceName: "Galaxy S9",
      platformVersion: "10",
      app: "YOUR_APP_URL", //Set your APP URL