Camera Image Injection in Android, Idle Timeout support, and more

Here is a quick rundown of the new features to the manual and automated testing for mobile app testing (real devices).

Camera Image Injection :camera:

The Camera Injection feature for Android smartphones is now live in LambdaTest’s App Testing.

Support for Idle Timeout :clock2:

We have added support for Idle Timeout on Android and iOS devices.

New Parameters for Uploading App via App URL :arrow_up:

  1. custom_id: This parameter lets you modify the way the LambdaTest cloud servers store the app link while uploading an app using App URL.
  2. visibility: Using this parameter, you can change the visibility of the mobile app being uploaded. Once the app is uploaded using the team value, everyone in the organization can use the same App URL to execute the tests.

Apply Visual and Exception filters at once :hourglass:

In App Automation, now apply filters simultaneously for Visual and Exception.

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