Artificial Intelligence in Testing - Are we even close?

Welcome to the 2nd edition of CodingJag by LambdaTest. It’s interesting to see how Artificial Intelligence can radically change testing. Right from increasing the ability of testers to perform better to helping organizations save money and speed up go-to market time, AI looks promising! But as Paul Merill stated, we are not even close to reality. However, that doesn’t mean we stop supporting our testing efforts through existing AI tools. Learn more on these tools and see how you can leverage them in your testing efforts in his latest article.

Why Care About Releasing?

Darryn Downey shares his thoughts on the importance of being more agile and releasing frequently.

AI in testing: 13 essential resources for QA pros

I liked this interesting compilation of various news and resources on AI in testing, prepared by Paul Merrill. What is AI? How can it be used in testing? Is it going to replace testers altogether? You can learn a lot from this article!

Trust Your Pipeline: Automatically Testing an End-to-End Java Application

In this post you will learn how to use 3 different Java libraries to create tests and enable you to run an end-to-end pipeline.

Overcome 6 Selenium Automation Testing Challenges

Although testing with Selenium has improved automation, there’s also a fair share of Selenium challenges due to its open source. Learn how to overcome them.

The Ultimate Postman Tutorial for API Testing

This is a big one! Six great chapters explaining how to test API from scratch using Postman by Dave Westerveld. What else I can say — just check it out!

Selenium Firefox Driver: Automate Testing With Firefox Browsers

Selenium Firefox Driver or GeckoDriver acts as an intermediary between your Selenium test cases and the Firefox browser. Learn to setup, download, and run scripts using Selenium Firefox Driver.

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