Are microservices and microservice architecture just a buzzword or fad?

Can anyone please tell me whether microservices and microservice architecture just a buzzword or fad.

By far everyone in the tech world is aware that Microservice Architecture is useful in delivering a more responsive and agile application. Some major organizations such as Netflix, Nike and Facebook have backed their performance on the basis of this architecture. So it would be unfair to call it just a fad.

A microservice is a self accommodating process that runs a unique business capability.

Microservice Architecture?

It is an architecture which comprises of several distinctive independent applications. And is all about how well these applications connect with each other to develop an integrated business solution!

  • So if a customer wants to know whether the ordered product has been shipped or not? Then a communication between multiple microservices will take place to provide the answer to customer. Microservices related here will primarily be the one handling order or cart for the customer and the one handling the tracking of shipped products.

What makes this interesting?

  • Modifications done easy - With businesses expanding modifications comes as a part of life for a software develop. Microservices creates a loosely coupled system. So if we ever want rebuild, upgrade or replace a MS then we don’t have to rebuild the complete application, simply rebuilding that particular MS will do just fine. This is very useful on gigantic enterprise system. Also, we can perform a modification on a microservice by simple disabling that microservice and not the entire system.
  • Data Security - Each MS helps to a establish a single business capability and has its own separate data storage. For example, a customer registration page. This prevents from entire database corruption.
  • Stateless Communication - Each request and the respective response establishes independent transactions helping you to scale effortlessly.
  • Prevents from a complete shutdown - If one of your microservice goes south then that won’t lead to disruption of other microservices.
  • Established around business capabilities - It is not organized around software layers, meaning there is no need for us to create a web MS, a business MS or a Database MS. Instead, we create MS around business capabilities. So we create a microservice for handling:
  • Inventory
  • Wishlist
  • Authenticating Debit/Credit cards
  • Filtering Products
  • And for many more purposes.

These services can be related to mini applications with a tiny footprint providing a business functionality.

  • Can be written in different code languages.