Allow testing different desktop screen sizes in the same test

Screenshot testing / visual testing is mostly about different screen sizes (besides browser differences).

At the moment it isn’t possible to test multiple desktop screen sizes in the same test. This is an essential functionality, that should be included.

At the moment testing many different desktop screen sizes is at the best cumbersome and at the worst not realistic because several tests have to be set up & started, just to test a handful of different sizes.

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Hi Leo, Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions.

  1. There should be a stop button to stop all screenshot tests
  2. Repeat option should be there for running the same configs again

Both are added to our product roadmap.


Thank you and you are welcome! :slight_smile:

Different desktop screen sizes would be a great addition, as it would speed up testing a lot. At the moment I would have to go through a lot of individual tests to make sure it works on various desktop screen sizes.

Developing real breatdth with this is hard.

Thank you for your response!