Advantages of building a CI/CD Pipeline In Azure DevOps?

What are the advantages of building a CI/CD Pipeline In Azure DevOps ?

Hi Rhian,

The Azure CI/CD pipeline eases the (CI/CD) in the application development process. Using Azure DevOps, you can maintain a central repository in Azure Repos, and the Azure pipelines maintain build and release pipelines for the given project.

Other than CI/CD, the pipelines are helpful in constructing build-deploy-test workflows used mainly in continuous testing (CT). This tests the changes in a fast and scalable routine.

Along with being multifactored, they provide various advantages:

  1. Version Control Systems – Allows you to manage your source code in GitHub, Bitbucket, Subversion, or any other Git repository. It also supports Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC).
  2. Programming Languages and Application Types – Java, Ruby, C, C++, Python, PHP, Go, and JavaScript, are some of the different languages that can be used with Azure pipelines.
  3. Deployment Targets – You can deploy applications with Azure CI/CD pipelines to multiple target environments, including Virtual Machines, Containers, or any On-prem or Cloud Platform.
  4. Pricing – It is free for public projects.

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