3 Types of Monkey Testing

Monkey testing is broadly classified into 3 types what are those?

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Hello Dipen,

Monkey testing is categorized into three main types, each with its unique approach and level of intelligence:

  1. Dumb Monkey Testing or Ignorant Monkey Testing: In this type of testing, the monkey interacts with the application randomly without any specific knowledge of the system. It mimics the actions of an uninformed user, exploring various paths and functionalities without a predefined strategy. While it may uncover unexpected issues, its lack of awareness about the application’s structure may limit its effectiveness in targeting specific areas.

  2. Smart Monkey Testing: Smart Monkey Testing introduces a more informed approach. The monkey is equipped with a basic understanding of the application’s structure and functionalities. This type of testing aims to mimic the actions of a user with some level of knowledge about the system, enabling more targeted exploration. By focusing on specific features and workflows, Smart Monkey Testing can uncover issues that may be missed by purely random testing, providing a balance between randomness and targeted exploration.

  3. Brilliant Monkey Testing: The most sophisticated type, Brilliant Monkey Testing, involves a highly intelligent monkey that possesses an in-depth understanding of the application’s architecture, business logic, and user workflows. This type of testing is strategic and purposeful, targeting critical areas and complex scenarios. Brilliant Monkey Testing goes beyond the surface, actively seeking out intricate issues and potential vulnerabilities that might escape detection through other testing methods. While more resource-intensive, it can be highly effective in ensuring the robustness and reliability of an application, particularly in complex and mission-critical systems.

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