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What would happen if you are not using the automation framework?

I want to know What would happen if you are not using the automation framework. Please someone help me out.

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Posted 26 days ago


We all are eager for bringing automation to most of our business related processes. Being the latest buzzword everyone seems to be rushing towards its implementation for improving their business efficiency.

Will Automation help improve business efficiency? Yes.

Is Automation the only way of improving business efficiency? No! There are many other ways of going around it. Consider automation as one of the tools available in your garage. You need to be aware on how to use that tool to tune your car up to shape. What i mean is there may exist challenges related to website automation testing.

These challenges would include :

  1. Acknowledging how much automation to perform.
  2. Parallel execution of multiple test cases will make it difficult for you to perform bug logging and debugging as well.
  3. False Positives and False Negatives
  4. Web elements with undefined IDs.
  5. Cross browser compatibility
  6. Maintenance of the tool used.
  7. Dynamic GUI content – As it is ever changing in accordance to the demands of time and business. Frequent changes may lead some scripts to fail.

So there is a lot to consider before deep diving into automation testing.

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Posted 24 days ago