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What are the best Selenium Perl frameworks for Unit testing?

I want to know what are the best selenium Perl frameworks for Unit testing. Can anyone please tell me that.

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Posted 3 months ago


Perl was originally developed for text manipulation, but now it is used for various purposes, such as system administration, web development, GUI development, and many more. It is a stable and cross-platform programming language created by Larry Wall. Though it is not that popular, it offers excellent features as compared to other programming languages like C, AWK, BASIC, SED, etc. It is also not that easy to learn and implement; thus, the unit testing framework for Perl-based applications is very limited.


The only general unit testing framework available for Perl-based applications is PerlUnit, which is a xUnit testing framework. It was initially designed for testing of Perl-based applications, but now it is available as a project on SourceForge. It is based on the JUnit 3.2 model and capable of producing a ‘Green Bar.’ Like JUnit, it is also an open-source Unit Test Framework that can be integrated with the Selenium Grid to automate unit testing.


There are not any specific requirements for using PerlUnit, but it is based on xUnit, so you need to have:

  • Enough knowledge of xUnit frameworks and Perl language
  • Installation knowledge of perlmodiInstall


There are very limited features and functionalities available with PerlUnit, such as:

  • It supports older versions of Perl
  • Included with two mailing lists – perlunit-devel for low volume discussion, and perlunit-users


There are no drawbacks to using PerlUnit unless you want to test other web applications with it because it is only compatible with Perl-based applications and xUnit frameworks.

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Posted 3 months ago