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What are the advantages of using Gauge test automation framework?

I want to know some advantages of using Gauge test automation framework. Can anyone please provide me some information regarding it.

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Posted 4 months ago


Advantages of Gauge Automation Automation Framework

Apart from the key features, we discussed above in the section “Why to use Gauge”. Gauge comes with many advantages for the testing and development team.

  • Gauge uses data store concept which means global data can be passed in different steps in different classes at runtime. This is a much-appreciated feature among the development team.

  • No Parse logic for larger files. Gauge framework does not require to write the parsing logic for large files, instead, the data can be simply passed by files and tables.

  • Easy Reporting. Gauge framework provides easy and convenient HTML reports to study after the test run. No addition step code is required for generating the reports in Gauge.

  • Run Failed test alone. Gauge framework provides the ability to run the failed test alone.

  • Unique step implementation. Gauge framework allows us to develop one step implementation which can then be used in the whole project.

  • Platform independent. Gauge is platform independent.

All the above features and advantages come as an open source in Gauge.

Gauge for cross browser compatibility

Cross Browser testing is a process of testing a web app or a website on different browsers running on a variety of operating systems with respect to the device being used to access the application. However, maintaining a library of browsers and devices could be very strenuous. After all, you are targeting customers from all over the internet. This is where cross browser testing tools like LambdaTest comes into play, so you could test your application over thousands of browsers and browser versions through virtual machines running over their cloud servers for cross browser compatibility.

Gauge is today gaining popularity more than ever in this Cucumber dominated area of cross browser testing. Being developed by ThoughtWorks, the same group that brought Selenium, Gauge offers compatibility with Selenium webdriver. For testing on different browsers, we can combine the power of Gauge to Selenium and create a perfect testing suite for our application to run it in different browsers for cross browser testing. While Gauge supports many languages and templates along with the plugins, it is easy to learn syntax makes it super easy for anyone to develop and run the test suites for his website. While this was earlier done only by the technical persons, Gauge has made it easier to develop these test suites by non-technical persons too. By this, test suites are even created before the coding is done. While time plays an important role for every company and person, Gauge provides the most time efficient solution for testing your website on different platforms with an easy code.

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Posted 3 months ago