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Which is best software testing tool?

Recently I am working on my website and getting issue in browser compatibility. After researching on Google I got many results but still in confusion. Please suggest me some!

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Posted 5 months ago

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Depends completely on the type of testing you want to perform. Whether you are looking to find bugs on the front end or back end? Or are you looking for a tool that will help you perform chaos testing? There are a lot of strategies involved in finding bugs on any website. There are tools offering their services to help users implement these testing strategies well.

  • Performance Testing tool - To check if the application is able to cope up with excessive traffic incoming. Example - Apache JMeter
  • Cross Browser Testing tool - Helps you in finding bugs of a website across a variety of thousands of browsers running on real OS and different devices. Example - LambdaTest - You can also find bugs in RWD (Responsive Web Design) with their automated screenshots.
  • VAPT tools- Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing tools - To help you identify the soft spots in your website’s security. Example - Wireshark, NMAP etc.
  • Bug Tracking Tools - Jira, Asana, Microsoft VSTS helps you to maintain a neat and clean library of all the bugs you found so you could collaborate and organize better with your teammates.
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Posted 4 months ago

As Per I Know, Selenium is the best tool. [] is an automated software testing tool which is used for testing web applications.

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Posted 4 months ago
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5 months ago