What will be the best automated cross browser testing tools in 2020

I am looking for some of the best automated cross browser testing tools every automation testing engineer should know in 2020.

According to Guru99, the best tools are:

  • LambdaTest
  • Ghostlabs
  • Browsershots
  • IE NetRender
  • Turbo.net(previously Spoon[dot]net)
  • IE Tab

Best Automated Cross-Browser Testing Tools in 2020

Source - Dzone

In this fast-paced software market, companies need to deliver products not just with quality but also at a rapid speed. If you are not providing the product according to customer requirements, then you might end up losing your reputation in the market. With the involvement of Agile practices, it has become highly crucial for organizations to meet the standards of software or web development.

One thing that is more important than a faster delivery of products is the browser compatibility of your business site that visitors use to see your products. If the web app isn’t compatible with the browser standards that people use to access your site, then they might not revisit your site.

1. LambdaTest If there is one tool that is proliferating and has attained a significant position in the cross-browser testing tool market, then it is LambdaTest. Individuals who are passionate about web app quality and compatibility can use LambdaTest to test their web app across more than 2000 browsers, OS, and devices.

LambdaTest is a cloud-based automated testing tool that allows you to perform both live interactive manual cross-browser testing, as well as end-to-end automated tests with Selenium on a reliable and scalable cloud platform. Another significant advantage that you get with LambdaTest is that it enables enable you to cut down build times by executing the automated test scripts in parallel on the online selenium grid.

2. TestComplete It is another great tool provided by SmartBear, which enable you to create automated GUI test in one browser quickly and then execute them in parallel across a combination of 1500 browsers, operating system, and devices. It is the first cross-browser testing tool that comes with a visual recognition engine and hybrid object for testing every application in a behavior-driven style.

3. Ranorex Studio If you are looking for an all-in-one automated testing tool that allows you to perform end-to-end testing on real devices or emulators/simulators, as well as test your web app across multiple browsers, OS, and devices, then Ranorex Studio is the ideal testing tool for you.

Ranorex is known for providing innovative test automation solutions to every enterprise for quality desktop, web, and mobile applications. With Ranorex Studio, you can automate tests for a wide variety of technologies and frameworks, such as HTML5, JavaScript, Salesforce, Flex, and Flash applications.

4. Mabl If you are looking for an automation tool that uses AI or machine learning algorithms for cross-browser testing of web apps, then Mabl is the only tool available in the market. It is the next-generation automation testing tool, which offers script-less browser testing.

Mabl provides a smooth experience for testers in testing the functionality of their web apps. It offers excellent support for popular browsers including Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE. It is even compatible with most of the scripting languages, which makes it even more efficient for automated cross-browser testing.

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