Our 10 Most-Read Articles Of 2020

2020 is finally winding down—and it’s been a challenging year for a lot of us. But we’re pretty sure at this point that when the new year begins, this year will just – vaporize.

As we head into 2021, we sincerely hope you have time to relax, read, and recharge over the next few days – we will be doing that too. But before we shut down our laptops and wrap up 2020, we went back and looked at what you, our readers, were most captivated by this year.

We published a total of 210+ articles at LambdaTest this year. And we picked a few top-performing pieces from each of our main categories, so we are sure you’ll find something valuable to read or re-read, as the case may be.

So without further ado – here are our 10 most-read articles of 2020.

10. How To Test PDF Files Using Selenium Automation?

9. Cypress Vs Selenium: How To Pick The Right Testing Tool For You?

8. Best Jenkins Pipeline Tutorial For Beginners [Examples]

7. Selenium C# Tutorial: Setting Up Selenium In Visual Studio

6. How To Install TestNG In Eclipse: Step By Step Guide

5. Build An Automated Testing Pipeline With GitLab CI/CD & Selenium Grid

4. How To Download & Upload Files Using Selenium With Java

3. Top 7 Programming Languages For Test Automation In 2020

2. 11 Best CSS Frameworks To Look Forward In 2020

1. 13 Best JavaScript Frameworks For 2020

Bonus: The most-viewed webinar of 2020

In addition to publishing 210+ articles on the blog, we conducted a few webinars, launched a community, a learning hub, newsletter Coding Jag, and certification to help developers and testers level up.

Here’s our most attended webinar of the year 2020

Get True Cross Browser Test Coverage With TestCafe & LambdaTest

We hosted this webinar in collaboration with DevExpress on 2nd December 2020. The host, Mudit Singh- Director of Product & Growth at LambdaTest, got together with Paul Usher from DevExpress. Paul is the Technical Evangelist at DevExpress, the team responsible for creating TestCafe. We had a full-house during the webinar, and we even created a detailed blog around this webinar.

Thank you!