New Integrations On-board!

Here’s an exciting announcement! :loudspeaker:

We know managing any web project is tricky and the challenges to track the bugs is daunting when you get started with testing. :exploding_head:

To help you ease the efforts while you test on LambdaTest, we consistently look forward to updating our list of integrations with your favourite tools!

Announcing three new integrations for you :love_letter:

:white_check_mark: LambdaTest Integrates with BugHerd

:white_check_mark: LambdaTest Integrates with Mattermost

:white_check_mark: LambdaTest Integrates with Rocket.Chat

With our single click integration you can push annotated issues to the project or communicate to the channel of your choice, assign it to the required team mate, track the bugs and attach necessary screenshots. You can do all that while in the middle of a test session in LambdaTest platform.

You will find it under Integrations, as shown below :point_down:

Also, do checkout if we integrate with your favourite tools by visiting LambdaTest Integrations! :rocket:

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