Monitor Performance Metrics In Automation Dashboard

After adding performance metrics powered by Google Lighthouse in LT Browser, we’ve now added performance reports on our cloud Selenium Grid as well. So you can now see performance statistics of your website while running the Selenium tests with LambdaTest. You can find these metrics under the performance tab inside the Automation logs. :rocket:

Note: Currently, the performance metrics are only available for these macOS:

:white_check_mark: macOS BigSur

:white_check_mark: macOS Mojave

:white_check_mark: macOS High Sierra

:white_check_mark: macOS Catalina

:white_check_mark: macOS Sierra

However, you can expect these performance metrics in other operating systems extremely soon.

To visualize the performance report of your website under test, you need to pass boolean value to true for performance capability in your desired capabilities class.

DesiredCapabilities caps = new DesiredCapabilities();

// To view performance metrics
caps.setCapability("performance", true);

You can get into the details of each performance metric by clicking on the different performance audit. For example, when you click on the Performance audit, it details gets open.

LambdaTest Lighthouse

For more help, you can refer to our documentation on “Lighthouse Performance Metrics Using Online Selenium Grid.