Is it possible for mobile automation to trigger the App in a certain state?

Hi, Do you know if it is possible for Mobile automation to trigger the App in a certain state?

In order to have my test running faster I wanted to login to the app with API calls and then trigger the app ( for the UI test) in the stage / page I want.

I am doing it for Web UI automation but never did it for Mobile app.

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It’s possible I believe with deeplinking.

You would probably need your developers to provide the deeplinks to those pages.

Thanks a lot @yanisleidi-rodriguez, I am going to check what it is.

Yes sorry I couldn’t provide more details, I have seen it in a tutorial but I wouldn’t be able to say “how” offhand.

If you use native framework, like Espresso or XCUITest, it’s more “easy”, but you can set the state. If you are using Appium, but have access to source, it’s more complicated. If it is a black box testing, it will be harder or not possible, I think.

Thanks a lot @imsamanthastewart

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