How to do fuzzing testing with Selenium

I’m new to Selenium, and also fuzz testing. I see that Selenium IDE only allows the fixed test cases. But then fuzz testing seems to be helpful. So what’s behind a fuzz testing, what kind of tests does Selenium offer, is this a black box or white box testing. Any help would be appreciated.

Definitions about black-box and white-box

  • Black box: checks if one box (usually the whole app) delivers the correct outputs while being fed with inputs. Theoretically, your application is bug free if ALL possible input-output pairs are verified.

  • White box: checks the control flow of the source. Theoretically, your application is bug free if ALL execution paths are visited without problem. But in real life, you cannot do ALL input-output pairs, nor ALL execution paths, because you always have limited resources in

  • Time

  • Money

  • People With selenium: you mimic the user by entering a value or do a certain click on a web application, and you wait if the browser gives you the behavior you want. You don’t know and don’t care how the inner functionality of the web application actually work. That’s why a typical Selenium testing is black-box testing