Getting Started With Selenium Automation Testing using LambdaTest

LambdaTest Selenium Automation Grid enables you to perform end-to-end automation tests on a secure, reliable, and scalable Selenium infrastructure. You can perform automated cross browser testing with Selenium scripts on 2000+ browsers and operating systems environments giving you higher test coverage and at significantly less built times. LambdaTest will help you evaluate how well your web application renders when accessed through a variety of different browser. You can perform automated cross browser testing of your locally hosted web pages using Lambda Tunnel. You could also run a single test across multiple browser/OS configurations, simultaneously. This post will help you to quickly get started with running your automation test scripts on LambdaTest Selenium automation grid.

Supported Languages and Frameworks

Although, our Selenium Grid supports all the languages & frameworks that are compatible with Selenium. Below mentioned are the ones for which we either already have documentation ready or are a work in progress.

JAVA PHP Ruby C# Python JavaScript
JBehave Behat Capybara NUnit Robot WebDriverIO
JUnit Behave RSpec SpecFlow pytest WebDriverIO 5.6.2
Selenide Codeception Cucumber MSTest Behave NightwatchJS
Gauge PHPUnit Test::Unit Protractor
TestNG Mocha
Geb WD
Jest Library
AngularJS with Karma
CucumberJS for BDD
Jasmine for BDD
Karma Test Runner

Selenium Version Requirement

LambdaTest recommends you to always use the latest version of the Selenium WebDriver for your particular scripting language.

Default Selenium Version

LambdaTest Capabilities Generator will by default make use of latest compatible Selenium version based on the selections of browser/OS configurations. However, you are also allowed to test across other Selenium versions, in case if you want to run your automation script through a specific, legacy Selenium version. Below is the representation of the default Selenium versions used depending upon your browser selection.

Browser Name Default Selenium Version
Microsoft Edge 2.52.0
Chrome Latest Chromedriver
Firefox Dev: 3.4.0, Beta: 3.4.0, 53+: 3.4.0, 39+: 2.53.1
Safari 11.0: 3.4.0, < 11.0: 2.48.0
Internet Explorer 2.53.1

Note: ‘selenium_version’ is the desire capability responsible for selecting a Selenium version at LambdaTest. For instance,

‘selenium_version’ = ‘3.13.0’

Product Access

To run your Selenium tests on the LambdaTest requires a username and an access key.

LambdaTest Automation Testing with Continuous Integration Platforms

LambdaTest supports the following Continuous Integration tools:

  • Atlassian Bamboo
  • CircleCI
  • Jenkins
  • Travis CI
  • JetBrains TeamCity
  • Buildbot
  • Codeship
  • CruiseControl
  • GoCD

LambdaTest Integration With Project Management Platform

LambdaTest integrates with the project management applications. With the help of these integrations you can directly send the tracked bug in LambdaTest in a single-click to these applications.

List of project management tools which can be integrated with the LambdaTest. For more details about how to integrate visit LambdaTest Knowledge Base.