Environment Variables Supported By Lambda Tunnel

You can leverage these environment variables to define your proxy settings. If these proxy environment variables are set then the tunnel will automatically detect them. You can switch command-line flags through an environment variable or .lt.yaml file with the Lambda tunnel.

To configure the .lt.yaml file, you can refer to the section Leverage .lt.yaml file of the documentation Lambda Tunnel For Corporate Firewalls/ Enterprise Restricted Environments.

What are Environment Variables?

Environment variables can be used in place of command-line flags. Each operating system has its compatibility in terms of environment variables. Command-line flags restrict environment variables from being bypassed. When available, the command-line flags always take priority.

Below is the following list of environment variables used by the Lambda Tunnel

http_proxyHTTP_PROXY Lambda tunnel uses the HTTP proxy (http://hostname:port) Windows, Mac OS, Linux
https_proxyHTTPS_PROXY Lambda tunnel uses the HTTPS proxy (https://hostname:port) Windows, Mac OS, Linux
no_proxyNO_PROXY Comma separated list of hosts to bypass proxy when using tunnel. Wild cards is supported for sub-domains. Windows, Mac OS, Linux