A testing poem - Does it work?

So, does it work?

They ask

Eager anticipation

Strained expectation

They long for the elation of validation

For their creation

It works on my machine

And the code looks oh so clean

And from the unit testing I can gleam

All is working

So it seems

So, does it work?

I’ll instigate an investigation

Think about the context situation

People of all sorts

And their variation

Accessible personas and maybe a simulation

I’ll examine the foundation

Report my observation

And if there’s any recommendation

I’ll happily give a verbalisation

Of the points in my notation

So, does it work?

I can see your animation

As I check your installation

As we run the integration

We will gain illumination

And ensure no degradation

So, does it work?

I’m not one for exaggeration

As I ponder my interpretation

Of the myriad combination

To begin theorisation

Of the behaviours sophistication


Based on my examination

And with no more procrastination

I’ll give my declaration

With a final proclamation

That it’s a veritable sensation

So to answer your communication

Asking about the classification

I have no hesitation

Declaring my appreciation

Of your wonderful formation


Simply put,


Based on the time allowed and data available I think we have a reasonable level of confidence to move this forward.


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