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What are some disadvantages of a microservice architecture?

Can anyone please tell me some of the disadvantages of a microservice architecture.

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Posted 26 days ago


By far everyone in the tech world is aware that Microservice Architecture is useful in delivering a more responsive and agile application. Some major organizations such as Netflix, Nike, Facebook etc. have backed their performance on the basis of this architecture. However, it is not meant for everyone. If you are a small scale company who is not planning on expanding business in the near future then you are better off microservice! Because implementing microservice architecture would require you to invest a heavy amount for a cloud service provider for fluid communication between multiple teams.

You may also have to face some major challenges while testing a microservice architecture.

Re-architecturing a software product will be very challenging if you are already following SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) and are willing to transit to microservice.

Performance tracing of business transaction could be a humongous task for a company that is transitioning from SOA to Microservices.

Complexity of a software is directly proportional to the number of microservices that the product is either delivering or adding.

It is true that microservices provide developers the freedom to not be dependent on a specific programming language, increasing their flexibility. However, you would have to face the hassle of maintaining multiple libraries and database versions.

Prioritization is the key! Having great number of microservices at your disposal it becomes vital to prioritize these services in terms of resource allocation. You cannot afford to launch unnecessary number of resources in a microservice team that is responsible for a relatively small functionality.

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Posted 24 days ago