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What are some XAMPP alternatives?

Please tell me about some XAMPP alternatives.

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Posted 2 months ago


Alternatives for Xampp would include:

  1. EasyPHP
  2. WampServer
  3. UwAmp Server
  4. AMPPS
  5. The Uniform Server
  6. MAMP
  7. WPN-XM
  8. Wnmp
  9. SecureWamp
  10. DesktopServer

If we put it broadly, for hosting your developed webpage, you have 3 options:

  • Traditional dedicated hosting services, where a server located at your office or at a data center is reserved for your personal use
  • Setting up your personalized virtual server on the cloud through paid hosting services.
  • Managed hosting, which is same as traditional hosting but managed by a service provider.

If you are working for an organization that provides hosting service, it is the best choice since a team will be available for maintenance, troubleshoot and set up the dedicated server. And if you are working as a freelancer, Cloud based hosting services or managed hosting, both are equally beneficial alternatives.

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Posted 2 months ago