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What are the factors that are helpful in making a progressive web application?

Please someone tell me about the factors that are helpful in making a progressive web application.

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Posted 26 days ago


Factors that can prove out to be helpful in making an application a Progressive Web Application - Right now based on research and content available on net related to PWA, Google is the highest authority. As per Google developer blogs and guidelines, if your app has the following features then you can say yes, my web application is a progressive web application.

  1. Progressive: Your web app must work for every user, irrespective of the choice of the browser.
  2. Responsive: As your web application is going to be opened in a browser then it should be responsive.
  3. Connectivity independent: Yes, that’s what is one of the unsung heroes in a PWA. Your web app should work regardless of the internet connection or some of the features must work in no or slow network situations.
  4. App-like: It should provide an app-like experience to the users. App like experience includes full screen mode, access to various in built accessories like camera, mic, etc.
  5. Up-to date: Your web application must always be up-to the date and it should not bother the user asking for updates.
  6. Safe: It should be served over HTTPS.
  7. Easily Accessible: You can install the app or you can say access it directly from your homescreen with just one click on ‘Add to Homescreen’.
  8. Fast: Reports show that 53% of users abandon your site if it takes over 3 seconds to load. And obviously you won’t want the users to go back. Hence, your app should be fast.
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Posted 24 days ago