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Why should automated website testing be performed?

Can anyone please tell me why should automated website testing be performed.

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Posted 26 days ago


Website Automated Testing It is a process involving automated tools to perform testing on a website for evaluating the website’s efficiency. These automation tools are there to make sure that every element of a website is tested with less resources and time. They do so with the help of a customizable as well as reusable test suite. Website testing automation helps in delivering your product with consistency to the end user, by well organizing the workflow.

Why should we perform Automated Website Testing?

  • By far, we are all aware with the popularity of Agile Methodology for software development. Automated Website Testing brings true relevance to the term ‘agile’ by hastening your iterations or sprints.
  • Cloud Computing Software are vastly dependent on automated testing tools. Reason being that the resources shared on cloud are supposed to be accessible by anytime, anywhere and by anybody with an internet facility. So testing whether your software is working as intended all day & everywhere could not only be very tedious and faulty if done manually. But it could also be highly time consuming.
  • Regression testing is made considerably effortless with the help of automated scripts.
  • The tools used for automation ensures a 100% code coverage. This makes sure that the website stays robust in terms of functionality.
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Posted 24 days ago