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Why is API performance monitoring a necessity?

Please someone tell me why is API performance monitoring a necessity.

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Posted 26 days ago


API- Application Programming Interface - It is the building block on modern online connectivity. From online shopping stores to hotel reservations, everything happens under the API’s umbrella.

API Performance Monitoring is a necessary due to the following reasons:

  • Functionality – If your API goes south then your app goes with it. For Instance, In Jan, 2016, a worldwide outage was met by the Twitter API. This outage lasted more than an hour and within that time span, it impacted thousands of websites and applications. So monitoring is required to keep a check on overall functionality.
  • Performance – You will know which APIs are performing better and which one should you improve.
  • Speed/ Responsiveness – You will get alerted if the expected response time is in crises.
  • Availability – For companies who are aiming to provide their services 24x7 will get to know if their website is actually doing so!
  • You can perform API testing but an API test can be highly composite considering the large number of multisteps that gets involved. This creates a problem in terms of frequency required for the test to take place. This is where API Monitoring steps in! Allowing every hour band check regarding the indispensable aspects. Helping us to focus on what’s most vital to our organization.
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Posted 24 days ago