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Why do we do regression testing?

Can anyone please explain me why do i do regression testing.

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Posted 26 days ago


Regression testing is one of those ways, wherein all test cases are re-executed after an existing bug is fixed or a CR(change requirement) is deployed in production environment. Simply put, we make sure that along with any new change that we bring in, the previous functionality of the application must remain intact.

This testing delivers a sense of confidence and accomplishment to a developer that the changes made are working as they should be without altering any feature.

It also helps in generating a proper documentation.

It is performed in 2 ways i.e Manual and Automated. Automated Regression testing is preferable. As it is less time consuming than the manual when applied on programs of high complexity. Also, there are times when service providers come across outages where a broken functionality is affecting a large number of their customers and in few critical scenarios an immediate change or fix is needed to come across the challenge being faced.

Thus, if we have thousands of test cases, it’s better to create automation test scripts for the test cases which are performed after every deployment to provide flexibility to the idea of bringing such immediate change.

Since we are living in a mobile first world it would be better to know regression testing strategies for mobile web pages.

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Posted 24 days ago