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What are the frameworks of JS that can be helpful for the testers?

Can anyone please tell me what are the frameworks of JS that can be helpful for the testers.

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Posted 2 months ago

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There are many debates going on whether testers should know programming languages or not. Everyone has his own way of backing the statement. But when I went on a deep research into it, I figured out that no matter what, along with soft skills, testers must know some programming languages as well. Especially those that are popular in running automation tests.

Javascript It is one of the top-notch coding language at present. It is easily understandable and can easily be implemented. It benefits with you with full stack development language as it have overall developer productivity, front-end and back-end functions, code sharing and reuse, higher efficiency rate, easily understandable and convenient to share within team, and many free tools.

Frameworks for Javascript:

Cucumber JS: It is the most popular framework for JavaScript. Writing code is more like writing instructions in Simple English. Its Uniqueness is what you will like the most.

Nightwatch: Nightwatch is one of the preferred framework for experienced developers. Built using Node.js, Nightwatch is a W3C WebDriver API based automated testing framework for web applications and websites.

Protractor It is an open source functional automation framework which is also known as E2E testing framework which lets AngularJS web applications.

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Posted 2 months ago

The JavaScript testing framework is a dynamic framework based on JS, which is well known for its ease of use in both frontend and backend development. These transitions over time also result in the need for excellent testing tools.

  1. MochaJS - Mocha is recognized for its flexibility, and as a result, it has proven to be one of the most dependent upon libraries among JavaScript developers.
  2. JEST - JEST is a highly preferred framework for applications based on React. It provides an unambiguous and very convenient user interface.
  3. Jasmine - Jasmine is very beneficial for frontend testing. It includes both visibility testing as well as the responsiveness testing of UI across various devices with different resolutions.
  4. Karma - Karma is another popular open-source productive testing environment. It allows a QA to perform tests for an application in different environments. Karma allows the application script to be executed on real browsers and devices like phones and tablets. Karma aims to provide a testing environment for developers wherein they don’t need to set up loads of configurations. QAppAssure is worth a try if you are looking for tools that can automatically record and display test metrics. If you are interested in knowing the impact you have had after switching to automation tests, then simply check on how many human resources the entire process of automating tests involved and how many days did it take to test your product.
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Posted 12 days ago