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What are the frameworks of JS that can be helpful for the testers?

Can anyone please tell me what are the frameworks of JS that can be helpful for the testers.

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Posted 26 days ago


There are many debates going on whether testers should know programming languages or not. Everyone has his own way of backing the statement. But when I went on a deep research into it, I figured out that no matter what, along with soft skills, testers must know some programming languages as well. Especially those that are popular in running automation tests.

Javascript It is one of the top-notch coding language at present. It is easily understandable and can easily be implemented. It benefits with you with full stack development language as it have overall developer productivity, front-end and back-end functions, code sharing and reuse, higher efficiency rate, easily understandable and convenient to share within team, and many free tools.

Frameworks for Javascript:

Cucumber JS: It is the most popular framework for JavaScript. Writing code is more like writing instructions in Simple English. Its Uniqueness is what you will like the most.

Nightwatch: Nightwatch is one of the preferred framework for experienced developers. Built using Node.js, Nightwatch is a W3C WebDriver API based automated testing framework for web applications and websites.

Protractor It is an open source functional automation framework which is also known as E2E testing framework which lets AngularJS web applications.

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Posted 24 days ago