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How do I find bugs in websites?

Can anyone please tell me how do I find bugs in websites.

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Posted 26 days ago


You need to perform below mentioned test in order to find bugs in a website:

  1. Performance Testing - To check if the application is able to cope up with excessive load. Page loading speed should be good.
  2. Security Testing - To prevent your website from being hacked you need to perform the security tests. This is mandatory if your website is offering facilities like banking, shopping, social networking etc.
  3. HTML and CSS validation - There are many tools like HTML tidy, Google Webmaster tools etc. that can help you in validating your HTML. CSS Compressor is a tool for helping you out with CSS.
  4. Cross Browser Testing - It is vital to check whether your website is supported through multiple browsers as not all web elements like AJAX, java applets, etc will be rendered in different rendering engines. Simply, put a website working well in Chrome may or may not work well in Mozilla Firefox, IE, Opera or any other browser.
  5. Mobile Ready Test - In this mobile-first world, it is essential to create a website that is mobile ready. So you need to check how responsive you website is through different mobile devices.
  6. Accessibility Testing - You need to test if your website is accessible to all including people with disabilities. There is a set of guidelines issued by W3C which must be followed for every website before launching it in the web.
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Posted 24 days ago