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How do I switch careers from banking to manual testing?

Can anyone please tell me how do I switch careers from banking to manual testing.

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Posted 2 months ago


The carrier switch from any of the field to software people prefer asking for Manual Testing. Software Testing is the different path but not easy as you people think . If you really have passion for testing then you will explore more about manual testing. Initially people should understand the knowledge required for software testing ,

Understand why software testing and what are the roles and responsibilities of software tester in the field.

Gaining knowledge in concepts of software Testing and standards.

Implementing the concepts of testing techniques that we have learnt and the terminology we have come through so far.

Once you have delibrate practice on writing testcases and performing Manual testing on your software.

Understanding the concepts and implementations of them into the application it takes time.

Testing is not just finding deffect or bug , More about understanding the application and testing it from the user prespective.

Better communication skills are required for testing people to communicate with team and client for requirement.

For Automation testing they should have basic understanding of the programming language that the application has been developed.

Automating test scripts by java , python, java script , ruby and the testing framework with selenium webdriver and they should be aware of other automation testing tools.

Automation testing is required once the application or software stable so that it reduces the manual work and the features are not going to be affected in the user end.

Testeting people should learn more about the product flow and alter the requirement document according to the user prospective.

Until you have understood all these then the future of software testing had lot of learning and exploration. We should have some interest and passion while choosing the path and then it will make life more easy than you people think. Hope this small information helps you.

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Posted 2 months ago