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What are good testing tools for API?

Can someone suggest me some of the good testing tools for API.

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Posted 2 months ago

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API describes the core architecture or enterprise logic software that helps integrate it with a third-party application.

Interestingly, users of any third party application interact with the application through a GUI, which in turn interacts with the API to get the desired outcome.

In a business environment where agile methodologies, cloud computing, and the Internet of Things are becoming the buzzwords, API Testing helps in increased automation of the testing process.

In API Testing standard modes of entering inputs like using a keyboard are given a go by and instead, automated calls from software are made to register responses from the system.

Here are some tools of API testing:

  • Postman.
  • Karate DSL.
  • SoapUI.
  • HttpMaster Express.
  • Rest- Assured.
  • Rest Console.
  • RoboHydra Server.
  • Hippie-Swagger.
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Posted 2 months ago

API testing can be done through various tools. Having the right tool and process for API testing is the most important task as it is the crucial component for any application. There are many open-source and commercial tools available for API testing.

Below is the list of some of the best tools available in the market for API testing:

SoapUI: Automation testing tool for REST and SOAP API. It supports cross-platform and has free and aid plans.

Katalon Studio: It is a Web, API, and Mobile testing tool. It is good for beginners as well as experts. It has a free license and paid support services.

JMeter: It is designed for load testing and functional testing.

Postman: It is an API development environment. It has free as well as paid but cheap plans.

Fiddler: It is a tool to monitor, reuse and manipulate existing HTTP requests. Its APITest extension allows us to validate APIs behaviors across the web.

Apigee: Apigee is a cross-cloud API testing tool which allows users to validate API performance along with building and supporting APIs with other tools like Swagger.

Rest-Assured: It is a tool used for testing REST services in Java environment. It is an open-source tool.

Swagger: It is a tool for API designing process which includes whole API lifecycle.

Assertible: Assertible is an API testing tool known for automation and reliability.

Karate DSL: It is a tool which allows testers to write test cases using domain-specific language for web service.

RestSharp: It is an API testing tool which is used to test REST for the .NET environment.

There are many other tools available in the market for API testing. Choose according to your requirement and environment.

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Posted 29 days ago

  1. SoapUI

SoapUI is an API testing tool that is ideal for complicated test scenarios as it allows developers to test REST, SOAP, and Web Services without any hassles. It gives the user a full source framework as it is wholly dedicated to API testing. 2. REST-assured

If you are looking for a framework to test REST services in Java, Rest-assured is a perfect is an open-source platform with Java Domain-specific language that makes testing REST service simpler. 3.QAppAssure

It simplifies integration with Jenkins/JIRA/Slack/TestRail and acts as an integrated test case management module to assist in managing a firm’s testing teams. It provides both APIs and UI options to integrate QAppAssure with CI/CD tools, issue management portal, test case management portal, and messaging channels and raise pre-configured bugs report directly from the portal.

These are the API tools that I highly recommend and am familiar with.

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Posted 5 days ago