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What is the Selenium tool for mobile testing?

Can anyone please tell me about the selenium tool for mobile testing.

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Posted 2 months ago

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Selenium is a portable software-testing framework for web applications. Selenium provides a playback (formerly also recording) tool for authoring tests without the need to learn a test scripting language (Selenium IDE). It also provides a test domain-specific language (Selenese) to write tests in a number of popular programming languages, including C#, Groovy, Java, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby and Scala. The tests can then run against most modern web browsers.

However, when we talk about loadable components that Selenium has to offer. There exists a most common but difficult problem.

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Posted 2 months ago

Selenium is used for both web and mobile applications and it is having web drivers for web applications.

Benefits of selenium testing:

  • Platform Portability
  • Open Source Advantage
  • Flexibility and efficiency
  • Language Support

Steps to automate your test with Selenium:

  1. Create a WebDriver instance.
  2. Navigate to a Web page.
  3. Locate an HTML element on the Web page.
  4. Perform an action on an HTML element.
  5. Anticipate the browser response to the action.
  6. Run tests and record test results using a test framework.
  7. Conclude the test.

You can use a platform like QAppAssure which allows you to test on-cloud and on-field devices, across 100+ device, make and models, Integrate with Jira, CI/CD tools, and also use Appium, Calabash, Espresso, UIAutomator, XCUITest.

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Posted one month ago