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What are the best software testing courses?

Please somebody provide me information regarding the best software testing courses.

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Posted 2 months ago


Software have become indispensable in these modern times that we are living in. Every industry let it be gaming, manufacturing, medical, insurance, defense and many more are dependent on some or other the software.

In this rapidly growing market place, people are out looking for a reliable software and even a tiny bug may lead to increase the customer bounce back rate. Therefore, testing a software come as a necessity before it gets launched into the market. Even after deploying, testing plays a crucial role in maintenance of the software.

You can pursue below mentioned free courses to attain vital information about software testing concepts and techniques.

  1. Software Testing (Amazon Web Services)
  2. Software Testing Fundamentals (University of Maryland)
  3. Software Testing Management (University of Maryland)
  4. Software Engineering Essentials (Technische Universität München)
  5. Testing with Agile (University of Virginia)
  6. Learning test driven development in Java (Platform: Udemy)
  7. Selenium WebDriver training with Java Basics (Platform: Udemy)
  8. Introduction to Software Testing (Platform: Alison)
  9. Software Testing - Testing Levels and Object -Oriented Program Testing (Platform: Alison)
  10. Software Testing - Black-Box Strategies and White-Box Testing (Platform : Alison)
  11. Software Testing - Condition Coverage and Mutation Testing Strategies(Platform: Alison)
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Posted 2 months ago