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What are all possible test cases for user login page from login API point of view and UI point of view?

Please someone tell me about all possible test cases for user login page from login API point of view and UI point of view.

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Posted 2 months ago


APIs issues in a Signup Page

The major challenge you’ll face in testing a sign up page is to test all possible scenarios for all the possible combinations of browsers, devices, and OSes. Because as we know that the sign up process makes use of APIs and API compatibility in browsers needs to be taken care of. So many times, you’ll find that your sign up is working on a browser but when a user tries to do the same from any other browser or device it will fail.

Browser Incompatibility: Authentication Problems in a Signup Page

If a signup page uses strong authentication techniques like second-factor authentication utilizing text SMS verification(or without that), password-less authentication, or encrypted public key then there might be a possibility of cross browser compatibility issues in authentication. Because these techniques make use APIs like web authentication API . The problem that occurs here is that these APIs are unsupported in various browsers.

So authentication will fail on browsers like: IE, older edge versions, older chrome and firefox versions, Safari, iOS Safari, Opera Mini, UC Browser, and Samsung internet. So, if a user tries to signup using these browser, he’ll not be able to finish it off. So, you need to test for these browsers and make sure that the authentication works on all browsers.

Payment APIs in A SignUp Page

There are many websites that ask for payment details or card validation details on signup. So, the registration or sign up may fail if the payment is not processed successfully or the card is not validated.

Developers make use of APIs like Payment Request API for allowing web pages to switch information from the user agent. This is basically done when the user agent provides input before it approves or denies a payment request. This API again comes with some incompatibility issues.

So, you need to test the payment process for all browsers.

Animations API for a Signup Page

While designing a signup page, we make sure of creating a beautiful design by adding some beautiful animations on the buttons for signup. However sometimes this might cause a huge problem.

APIs like Web Animations API that allow you to synchronize and change timings of a web page (animations of DOM elements), sometimes cause compatibility issues in browsers.

As you can see, APIs holds a major portion of compatibility issues in a signup process. So it’s important to test APIs and overall page functionalities as well for a signup page along with the mentioned test cases for a signup process on all browsers and browser versions. LambdaTest platform can help you in making sure that your page is compatible across all browsers.

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Posted 2 months ago